"Walk as if you were kissing the earth with your feet" Nhat Hanh


There is something particularly satisfying about making these moccasins from just a few pieces of suede; it is amazing how a three dimensional shoe emerges from the two dimensional material as I stitch. 

The process starts with you drawing around each of your feet and finishes with a pair of moccasins that will fit you like your favourite socks.

I'm using a robust English suede and beautifully soft doe skin. I'm experimenting with different types of leather and sole combinations which I'm very happy to discuss (pull up a chair with a brew).

Each pair (in fact each moccasin) is unique. They provide a special walking experience, as close as possible to bare foot walking and all the health benefits that brings. 

Soft, flexible soled shoes with plenty of toe space can support natural foot movement promoting health at any age but for babies and toddlers they may help when learning to walk by allowing unsuppressed nerve feedback to the brain.

The next best thing to being barefoot, I wish I could put it into words but think barefoot on grass or sand...

Paul is a primitive bushcraft instructor and Living to Learn Ambassador Scotland. I am really proud to say that he likes my moccs.

These huaraches made from old re-cycled saddle leather, they are an amazingly simple and comfortable sandal - just a sole held to the wearer's foot by straps. 

They help promote natural gait whilst protecting the foot (except in snow...), ultra marathons have been run in similar sandals to these.
Inspired by Christopher McDougall's book "Born to Run"